Yandex Metrica

Pinxel RF

 Pinxel-V update RF microneedling with vacuum, push the topical deeper with one kind dual air chamber

design, air is captured through enhanced tissue engagement, microneedles creat channels and RF energy

is delivered, as needles retract, air is released towards the skin, driving topicals deeper into the dermis,

resulting in enhanced topical penetration up to 67% with the M and F Type needles.

- Helps skin wrinkle removal improvments

- Helps sking rejuvenation and collagen stimulation

- Helps reducing scretch Marks

- Improves leg, arm, abdomen, face, neck, decolette, loosen

- Helps scar treatment

- Helps pores treatment

Get to Know Pinxel RF Closer

Pinxel RF Technicial Specifications

Working principle : Mono - Bipolar RF 

Frequency : 2 mhz

Total RF treatment level :  1-10

Working modes : Fractional RF needle 

(Fractional RF sublative)

Max energy : 50W

Needle depth : 0,5 – 3 mm ( disposable)

Electric requirements : 100-240V Ac- 50/60 Hz