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G5 Vibratory Massage

G5 which is used in cellulite and massage treatments is the name of a Professional massage device with 7 equipments. The main task of this massage device is to help for blood circulation, accelerate metabolism and reduce muscle tension. G5 works with vibration method. Mechanical vibration waves support physiotherapy, cellulite treatment, activation of subcutaneous tissues and for shaping the body.

- Effective treatment oncellulites and local fat areas

- Improves breast and abdomen loosen

- Stress treatment – relaxing function

- Helps releasing negative energy

- Working by heating the muscles

- 8 different tips

Get to Know G5 Vibratory Massage Closer

G5 Vibratory Massage Technicial Specifications

Voltage : 110/220V – 50-60 Hz 

Frequency : 50-60 Hz

Weight : 11 kgs