Yandex Metrica

Aqua Magic

Remove all kinds of skin waste, restore healthy skin color-Micro bubble in the state of no pain in safety, deep cleansing, get rid of aging keratinocytes, eliminate sebum, and thoroughly remove all kinds of hair funnel department of impurities, mites and grease residues things.Promote microcirculation, revitalizing-can increase the oxygen content of the skin capillaries, and promote skin blood circulation, while the release of micro-bubbles in the active oxygen can give the skin anti-free radical effect, which can inhibit the skin ageing.Deep skin care-effective nutrition can be directly applied to the skin deep to help restore hydra elasticity of the skin.

- Skin tone balancing

- Cleans black spots

- Helps sebum releasing on the skin

- Painless and comfort treatment

- Helps fine wrinkle removing

- Acne treatment

- 4 working modes by 4 different hand probs

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Aqua Magic Technicial Specifications

Hand probs: Aquapeeling – Oxygenfacial – Multipolar RF – Needle free injection

Screen : 8” colorful, touchscreen

Power : 50 VA

Sizes : 47x40x105 cm

Weight : 20 kgs

Output power : 2000 W