Yandex Metrica

Micro Twin

RET high frequency electromagnetic energy is proudced between the two electrodes,the neutral electrode and resistive handle.When it's working,the electrical balance of the cells and the molecular physiological displacement of the matrix will be affected.But the oscillation which is being recreated with the displacement currents have a positive effect on the alterated components of the tissues.

- Anti aging treatments on face, neck and decollette

- Helps Anti wrinkle and loosen treatments

- Helps reducing cellulites

- Helps fat burning

- Helps tightening and edeymma 

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Micro Twin Technicial Specifications

Therapy : RET Targeted 

Frequency : 0.448 MHz

Treatment mode :  High Frequency

Power  : 14 W (standby) / 21 W (working)

Voltage : 110/220V – 50-60 Hz

Weight : 6,50 kgs